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M.S. in Commerce

Nicholas Henriquez

  • M.S. in Commerce 2015 (Finance), University of Virginia

  • B.S. in Engineering Science, University of Virginia

  • After: Adams Capital, Valuation Consultant (Atlanta, GA)

  • Now: Deloitte, Senior Advisory Consultant (Atlanta, GA)

Transition from undergrad to grad

The transition from an undergrad to master's student took a bit of time for me. During my final semester of undergrad, I was taking only a few courses and had a significant amount of free time; however, upon starting at McIntire, I needed to refocus and prioritize my day in order to stay up-to-date with my coursework.

Leveraging engineering with business

I studied Engineering as an undergrad, which gave me little insight into finance and business; however, my time at McIntire more than filled in the gaps. I believe that there is a significant amount of value in having an undergraduate degree in Engineering and a master's in Commerce.

Most compelling class

The most compelling course for me was “Advanced Corporate Finance,” which was an introduction into the field of valuation. I enjoyed Professor Felicia Marston's course so much that I pursued a career in valuation.

Preparation for the job

I would not have been able to break into the valuation field if I had not completed the M.S. in Commerce Program. It taught me all the skills necessary to obtain my current role and prepare me for the future.

Value of Commerce Career Services

Commerce Career Services was instrumental in my job search. The CCS team spent hours with me, reviewing my resume and preparing cover letters. They also guided me toward jobs that they believed would be a good fit for me.

Most memorable GIE company visit

My most memorable company visit was to the Rolls-Royce facility in Singapore. I was able to ask about how they used x-ray diffraction patterns for quality assurance checks on the engine blades.

Most memorable cultural experience

The most memorable cultural experience was a scavenger hunt across Singapore. Since Singapore is about 270 square miles, we saw nearly the entire country in one day.

Biggest takeaway

Never second-guess your abilities. If you think you can handle something, go for it. If you think you need help, ask for it.

Advice for future students

Be prepared to work hard but remember to have a good time.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

In fall and spring, visiting breweries and vineyards is my favorite thing to do.

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