Court Whitney

Court Whitney

M.S. in Commerce 2018, University of Virginia
B.A. in Economics 2017, University of Virginia

Track: Finance

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Why did you choose UVA’s M.S. in Commerce Program? I chose the M.S. in Commerce because I felt it was an excellent bridge between undergrad and the professional world. I was very excited by the opportunity to increase my business acumen in a classroom setting.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? I thoroughly enjoy the integrated nature of the M.S. in Commerce Program. Whether it's group work, class discussion, or socializing in the graduate lounge, it has been very nice interacting with all my classmates across several different settings.

What has surprised you about the program so far? I've been very surprised by how proactive the faculty have been in helping with the job search process. They have done an excellent job helping my classmates and me make sense of the job landscape and preparing us to expertly navigate the process.

Fun Facts: I'm a transfer student from Boston University, a former student athlete, and a current graduate intern.

Hobbies: Lacrosse, fantasy football, and reading