Bryson Hearne

Bryson Hearne

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas (USA)

Undergraduate School: The University of Texas in Austin

Undergraduate Major: Finance

Languages: Conversational in Spanish

Why did you choose this program? I chose this program for a few reasons. First, I wanted to grow my international experience and get more connected to Washington, D.C.; Europe; and China professionally. I hoped to practice my language skills and make friends from around the world. In addition, I was looking to hike in the Pyrenees and experience a fall where the leaves change color.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? The best part has been the people. With such a great mix of cultures, I feel that I learn something new every day about somewhere in the world. At dinner, I have talked about European politics, and at lunch I have tried to explain Texas gun laws. On the way to class, I have learned about Lebanese culture, and in class I have heard stories of Chinese multinationals. 

What has surprised you? I have been most surprised by how quickly our group has connected. You can really get to know people after living, shopping, eating, walking, and having fun together. I look forward to enjoying these friendships for the rest of the program and many years into the future.

Fun facts: In 2016, I traveled from Asia to Europe without a plane.  During undergrad, I had a mobile hot tub on a trailer. Finally, I can talk like Donald Duck.

Hobbies: Hiking; running; skiing; camping; reading; movies; and pairing perfectly with my second fun fact, hot tubs, hot springs, Jacuzzis, etc.