Colleen Betik

Colleen Betik

Undergraduate School: Southern Methodist University

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Ennis, TX

Languages: English and Spanish

Why did you choose this program? Ultimately, I chose this program because I knew that it would provide me with important connections that have impacted and will continue to impact my life, whether I am looking for career advice or the best places to visit around the world. In addition, I enjoyed my strategy classes in undergrad, and getting to learn even more about it in a one-year program with such an in-depth, collaborative, and fast-paced environment was something that intrigued me.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? Something that I love about this program, and was quite surprised by, is how quickly and easily everyone in the cohort has clicked. Within the first two weeks, I have met nearly everyone, and each person has such different experiences, a passion to learn, and shared interest in looking for adventure. Also, it is always a fun shock when someone shares something about their culture that you knew nothing about and it completely flips your perspective.

Fun Facts about Me: My favorite travel experience was when I had the opportunity to study and work abroad in London for two months. During my undergrad, I minored in Fashion Media and Spanish. Also, I'm left-handed.

Hobbies: Adventuring, photography, listening to music, volleyball, hiking, cross-stitching, knitting, reading, going to my home's drive-in theater