James Madden

James Madden

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama (USA)

Undergraduate School: Clemson University

Undergraduate Major: Financial Management

Languages: English

Why did you choose this program? I really enjoy venturing outside of my comfort zone, meeting new people, and building connections and relationships along the way. Having the chance to study at three amazing universities really grabbed my attention and drew me in.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? Learning the different backgrounds and cultures of my newly made friends and classmates is definitely something I haven’t had the chance to experience until now. With such a diverse group, creative thinking and varying viewpoints are exhibited every day when having both in-class and out-of-class discussions.

What has surprised you? It has surprised me how much of what we are learning in class is being applied each and every day. I truly feel that I am broadening and improving my global mindset and skills. Everyone in the group has been extremely kind and accepting of one another as well as very generous in every aspect.

Fun facts: I enjoy whitewater rafting and rock climbing in the backcountry. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to learn more about the outdoors and backcountry living by taking the "Rock and River" course with the National Outdoor Leadership School. This allowed me to lead a backcountry climbing and rock climbing expedition. 

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, going to new restaurants and breweries with friends, and, obviously, traveling around the world