Jennifer Baez

Jennifer Baez

Hometown: Miami, Florida (USA)

Undergraduate School: University of Virginia

Undergraduate Major: Commerce, IT & Business Analytics

Languages: English, Spanish

Why did you choose this program? I saw this program as an opportunity to form relationships with individuals from across the world and deepen my understanding of global business. Furthermore, traveling and exploring new places with the cohort of talented and diverse individuals seemed like a great way to engage in experiential learning. After studying abroad and completing an undergraduate degree in business, I found myself wanting to better understand business on a global scale. This program presented a fun way to do so!

What do you enjoy about the program so far? The people!!! It has been great getting to know my classmates from so many places around the world. I am looking forward to sharing more experiences with them. The classroom dynamic has also been great, since we are able to share our different perspectives on a wide array of business topics.

What has surprised you? I think how quickly everyone got comfortable with each other and began to form relationships was surprising. Individuals in the program value differences yet we all share the desire to explore and experience new things which helped bring us together.

Fun facts: I jumped off a plane over the Namibian Desert in Africa.

Hobbies: Running, watching "Ellen," listening to music and making playlists, and reading blogs