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Jiangshuai Xu

Jiangshuai Xu

M.S. in Global Commerce & M.S. in Global Strategic Management with a Certificate in International Management, University of Virginia, ESADE Business School, Lingnan (University) College 2017

B.S. in International Business and Economics, University of Nottingham Ningbo 2016

Now: Assistant, Bain & Company, Shanghai, China

Hometown: Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China

Languages: Mandarin, English

Why did you choose this program? 

I chose this program so I could be a part of a class from all over the world.

What surprised you about the program?

The thing that surprised me the post about this program was how close all of my classmates were throughout the experience.  It was also an incredible opportunity to study at three top business schools located on three continents.

What was your most memorable class and why?

The most memorable class was the Business Simulation at ESADE.  I was selected to be CFO of my team, and we overcame many difficulties and outperformed our expectations.

What was one of your most memorable experiences throughout the year? 

I had many memorable experiences, but one of the most memorable experiences was the Catalan Human Tower at ESADE.

What was your most memorable company visit?

The most memorable company visit was to Maxim’s Group, one of the largest food and beverage corporations in Asia. We received a warm welcome from the executive team, and were able to meet and learn life lessons from Dr. James T. Wu, founder of Maxim Carter Group and Lingnan (University) College alumni.

What’s the biggest skill you will take from this program into your career and life? 

One of the biggest skills I will take away is how to structure my thoughts based on opinion and decisions.