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Kyle Weiss

Kyle Weiss

M.S. in Global Commerce & M.S. in Global Strategic Management with a Certificate in International Management, University of Virginia, ESADE Business School, Lingnan (University) College 2017

B.S. in Finance, University of Florida

Now: Carnival Corporation & plc, Global FP&A Financial Analyst (Miami, Florida)

Hometown: Palm City, Florida (USA)


Why did you choose the M.S. in Global Commerce Program? I chose this program in order to diversify my business skill sets and to make myself a competitive candidate for jobs in the rapidly growing global marketplace. The immersion component in China and Spain was especially appealing to me, as I did not have the opportunity to study abroad as an undergrad.

What has surprised you about the program? I was surprised by the commonalities between people from all over the world. Although there will always be cultural differences that should be acknowledged and appreciated, we also had so much in common. Many of us decided to pursue the program for the same reason or reasons, but that was just the beginning of the similarities.

What advice would you give future students? My greatest piece of advice would be to get out of your comfort zone. It will pay dividends in the long run and will provide you with some of the most memorable (and hilarious) experiences.

What was your most memorable study trip/company visit? The most memorable trip was our company visits at both DJI and Tencent. It was incredible to see some of the innovation coming out of China.

What’s the biggest thing you will take from this program into your career and life? The biggest thing I realized is that to be an effective manager or leader, there is much more to learn than just what is taught in the classroom.