Sandra Reales Rodado

Sandra Reales Rodado

Hometown: Brussels, Belgium

Undergraduate School: Rotterdam School of Management- Erasmus University

Undergraduate Major: International Business and Administration

Languages: Spanish, French, English (fluent), Dutch (intermediate)

Why did you choose this program? In addition to the opportunity to study on three continents and experience the different cultures, I chose this program for the methodology. Through its project‐based learning, the program teaches leadership in a more collaborative way by placing teamwork at the core of our program activities and giving it a more prominent role over competitiveness. This in turn helps develop the so-called soft skills that make effective leaders and that I believe are essential for my future career.  

What do you enjoy about the program so far? The cultural diversity of the program is certainly the most enriching aspect. People have a lot of knowledge and different backgrounds, which makes conversations much more interesting. Living together in the same place makes this experience more fun and creates strong bonds from the beginning.

What has surprised you? What has positively surprised me is how smart, experienced, and interesting people are in this program. Every student is able to give something back to the group and therefore students learn as much outside classes as they do academically.

Fun facts: I am extremely clumsy. I once tried to take a glass, and it led to the shelf falling and 26 glasses breaking one by one on my head. Now, every time I move to a new place I bring a pack of glasses.

Hobbies: Traveling, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, fashion reading, and hanging out with friends