Wanxin "Annabella" Cao

Wanxin Annabella Cao

Hometown: Anqing, China

Undergraduate School: Hainan University

Undergraduate Major: International Economics and Trade

Languages: Mandarin, English

Why did you choose this program? I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and explore how far I can reach. This program provides a more open and global platform to gain knowledge of international business and broadens my viewpoint and cross-cultural teamwork experiences. I chose this program because of the three internationally distinguished business schools, and my goal is to become a global leader in a multinational company.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? Actually, I enjoy everything in this program, from the friendly and brilliant classmates to the helpful faculty, wonderful career development team, great apartment, diversified courses, and beautiful universities. The program is an amazing life and study journey. Every day here I am experiencing new things and improving myself.

What has surprised you? 1. Adaptability of my classmates. It has surprised me that everyone in this program adapted to a new environment quickly, and we were able to get familiar with each other very fast. This really shocked me, as the environment is challenging and new, and we come from different countries.

2. Professional and detailed career development services. The staff in the career teams are really helpful and willing to offer many valuable suggestions.

3. Importance of network. Networking is the most frequent word I have heard. If you want to find a good job, networks will definitely help.

Fun facts: I am from China, but my mindset is more West.

Hobbies: Swimming, talking