Yin Li

Yin Li

Undergraduate School: University of Toronto

Major: Finance and Economics

Hometown: Shijiazhuang, China

Languages: Mandarin, English, and Korean (basic)

Why did you choose this program? Back in undergraduate school, we might all get a solid academic training and have different types of work/internship experience. However, this program allows me to explore more career possibilities in a global context and creates a great platform for me to study with students from all over the world. Therefore, I see this program as a yearlong social experiment, in which I can learn so much from my peers because of the close relationships we’ve built. Last but not least, who doesn’t want to travel around the world with this awesome cohort!?

What do you enjoy about the program so far? Course settings and residence arrangement. Most of the courses are discussion-based, so participation accounts for a crucial part of the overall grade, which in a way has create a really active classroom atmosphere. The topics sometimes are driven by students’ interests, so the interaction between professors and students has been really productive and effective. About the residence, the housing survey we filled out did reflect on the actual apartment arrangement , because I have two amazing roommates! We share common interests and get along so well.

Fun Facts about Me: I have lived in a lodge in the Amazon for four days without internet access and gone for a night walk in the rainforest with flashlight only.

Hobbies: Ballroom dance, table tennis, cooking, hanging out with friends