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Zhuoyun (Tiffany) Zheng

Tiffany Zheng

M.S. in Global Commerce & M.S. in Global Strategic Management with a Certificate in International Business, 2017

B.S. in Finance, Sun Yat-sen University 2016

Now: CITIC Securities CO., LTD., Institutional Sales Associate, Guangzhou, China

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Why did you choose this program?

I love traveling to new places to explore things I did not know before and wanted a deep cultural immersion with people from different backgrounds.

What surprised you about the program?

I was surprised by the career resources and opportunities provided by all the three universities. There were so many useful information sessions and connections at the University of Virginia as well as ESADE and Lingnan.

What advice would you give future students?

Don’t travel too much during the semester; spend more time with classmates.

 What was your most memorable study trip?

The study trip to Hong Kong make me realize why Hong Kong can be an international financial center, and realize the gap between mainland China and Hong Kong.

 What’s the biggest thing you will take from this program into your career and life?

I know myself better after this program. I understand both my strengths and my weaknesses. I learned how to make the most out of my advantages and manage my disadvantages. I also learned a lot about different cultures and people. I truly feel like a global citizen after this program.

Fun facts

My dream is to travel around the world. I’ve already visited more than 10 countries and aim to visit 30 countries before I’m 30 years old: “30 before 30.” I had five international experiences during my undergraduate study. I’m also interested in history and philosophy, especially Buddhist philosophy. I’ve taken courses about Chinese traditional opera, which I would love to introduce to my foreign friends.