McIntire Now

Kunal Doshi
August 13, 2018

As a teenager, McIntire alum Kunal Doshi (McIntire ’11) received profound advice from his ailing grandfather that would have a life-changing impact: “In the last five minutes of your life, everything flashes in front of you. Just make sure it’s worth watching.”

The Fun Empire team
August 6, 2018

Ryan Ho says he always had an entrepreneurial itch. Spurred on by the excitement of creating and growing his own business, he founded a fashion e-commerce website and an online tutoring platform after graduating high school. Though both attempts yielded unremarkable profits, the experiences were enough to stoke his interest to learn more and hone his skills—ultimately leading him to apply to McIntire and to launch The Fun Empire, which hosts creative team-building events ranging from playing soccer in bubble suits to group painting sessions.

Deb Wetherby
August 3, 2018

Financial newspaper Barron’s recently selected McIntire alumna Deb Wetherby, Founder and CEO of Wetherby Asset Management, as one of the year’s “Top Women Financial Advisers” for her business acumen and experience.

Ahmed Abbasi and Jingjing Li
August 2, 2018

After several high-profile examples of “machine learning gone wrong,” such as a Twitter chatbot being shut down after a single day for its obscene and inflammatory tweets, an increased interest in mitigating bias has loomed large over machine learning. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, McIntire Murray Research Professor and Center for Business Analytics Director Ahmed Abbasi and IT Professor Jingjing Li, and their colleagues Gari Clifford and Herman Taylor, discuss how bias in the machine-learning process can influence how models perform.

Rouss Hall
July 26, 2018

The McIntire School of Commerce exceeded its fiscal year 2018 goal by securing more than $7.6 million in cash gifts for the McIntire Annual Fund, Corporate Partners Program, Centennial Fund for Faculty Excellence, and other restricted funds.

Professor Tom Bateman
July 18, 2018

People commonly think being proactive means simply starting sooner rather than later, not procrastinating, or taking initiative to get work done. But it is far more than that, says McIntire Management Professor Tom Bateman in a July 18, 2018, Conversation article.

Leslie Witt
July 16, 2018

Leslie Witt, Head of Design for Small Business at financial software company Intuit, is a design-thinking practitioner motivated by empathy for the end user.