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Carola Schenone and Patrick Dennis
March 16, 2018

From retirement to saving for college tuition, institutional investing has become a ubiquitous tool for many of us trying to grow our money. Building a diversified portfolio of securities is often the prescribed course for helping us accomplish our financial goals. However, growing scrutiny around the effect that large institutional investors might have on the competitive interaction between firms held in their portfolio is spurring a much larger debate. Is the function of the funds we invest in undermining the very fabric of competition among companies in a given industry? Finance Professors Carola Schenone and Patrick Dennis, along with co-author Kristopher Gerardi from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta say it’s simply not so.

Krissy Gathright
March 15, 2018

Krissy Gathright (McIntire ’94) followed her passions—all the way to the C-suite. A self-proclaimed lover of both numbers and people, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Apple Hospitality REIT Inc.

Sharma family
March 14, 2018

Some people take the easy way out, and then there are the Sharmas.

Tom Tom Founders Festival logo
March 12, 2018

The Seventh Annual Tom Tom Founders Festival returns to downtown Charlottesville and features the Tom Tom Summits event April 11-14.

Laura Carmichael
March 1, 2018

Laura Carmichael's tax expertise and people skills have been taking her places—Paris, specifically. A Chattanooga, Tenn., native who completed her undergraduate studies at The University of Tennessee, she's also a proud McIntire alum (M.S. in Accounting '13).

Jeffrey Lovelace
February 19, 2018

Professor Jeffrey Lovelace has been researching the relationship between executives, their symbolic actions, and what those actions mean for their organizations during times of sweeping change or uncertainty. When execs attempt to lead by example, they often intend to create meaning for their subordinates, especially when attempting to promote strategic initiatives within the firm. What happens when these actions miss the mark, are improperly timed, or are met with resistance? Lovelace delves into the topic in his recent paper co-authored with Donald Hambrick of Penn State University.

2018 Navigant winners
February 16, 2018

McIntire congratulates the team of Paranya Jareonvongrayab (A&S ’18), Simon Li (A&S ’21), Yueying Pan (A&S ’20), Niab Sirisukhodom (McIntire ’18), and Jackie Wang (McIntire ’18), who won the 19th Annual Navigant-McIntire Case Competition, which took place Feb. 9, 2018.

2017 McIntire graduates
February 15, 2018

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