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Together We Run organizers
November 30, 2017

Responding to the horrific events that plunged Charlottesville on to the national stage last August, fourth-year McIntire student Andy Page (McIntire '18) reached out to friends, desperate to see what he could do to help.

Osato Aibangbee
November 27, 2017

McIntire alum Osato Aibangbee (M.S. in Accounting '16) is firmly devoted to the numerical and the spiritual.

Rankin family
November 20, 2017

For alumnus Owen Rankin (McIntire ’82), the McIntire School isn't only an important part of his personal success story, it's an integral part of his family's history.

undergrads at DVIC 2017 competition
November 14, 2017

A team of three McIntire students—Aditya Bindra (McIntire '18), Anna Venetianer (McIntire '19), and Donny Waymire (McIntire '19)—placed first in this year's Darden @ Virginia Investing Challenge (DVIC) Nov. 9, 2017, taking home a prize of $3,000. The winning team was the only undergraduate team among 12 others, which came from M.B.A. programs from around the country, including the highly ranked Darden School of Business, Cornell, University of Chicago, NYU, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, The University of North Carolina, Carnegie Mellon, and Yale.

Jamie Albert, Ryan Pledger and Taylor Neff
November 14, 2017

Motivated by McIntire’s longstanding reputation for “creative and skillful students,” Tinkle Managing Director Gema Blasco reached out to the Comm School, offering summer internships at the company’s offices in Spain, Portugal, and Singapore. For fourth-year Jamie Albert and recent graduates Ryan Pledger and Taylor Neff, the Tinkle placements afforded them an opportunity to develop professionally while gaining the perspective and experience that can come only from living and working abroad.

Alan Donovan
November 13, 2017

Alan Donovan (M.S. in Commerce ’14) decided to follow his true calling. Though he was initially unwilling to pursue his newfound passion for entrepreneurship and start-ups that he had cultivated during his M.S. in Commerce studies, his interest eventually took hold of his imagination. In January 2016, Donovan decided to leave his role as a Financial Analyst with Freddie Mac in Washington, D.C., in favor of working on a new café concept.

Destinations Report cover
November 10, 2017

The McIntire School’s latest Destinations Report is now available online.

Analytics Partners logo
November 8, 2017

The Center for Business Analytics at the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce welcomes Analytic Partners, a global leader in marketing analytics, as its newest advisory board member.