McIntire Now

Garrett Allen, Bryan Layman, Will McComb
August 31, 2018

Technology continues to shape every aspect of our lives and is reinventing the nature of how we work at a frantic pace. With all of these constant changes impacting business, how can students launching their careers ready themselves for more inevitable disruption while proving to potential employers that their skills make them highly capable candidates? With these big questions in mind, McIntire’s Commerce Career Services has designed Business Careers in Tech. Taking place Sept. 5 in Rouss & Robertson Halls, the panel discussion event welcomes alumni working in some of the most well-known and transformative companies of our time.

alumni survey who responded
August 29, 2018

Many thanks to our alums for participating in the McIntire School’s first alumni survey! Your responses are important to us and will inform how we engage and communicate with our alumni, as well as help us in our ongoing efforts to continually enhance the value of your degree.

Kevin Cao Tim Ford and David Varghese
August 17, 2018

A pair of Commerce School graduates and a fellow UVA alumnus will continue their studies this fall in the United Kingdom with Rotary Global Grants of $40,000.

Emily Brockway
August 16, 2018

Emily Brockway (McIntire ’13) says that the goal of attending McIntire is what originally drew her to UVA. And ultimately, McIntire may also be partially responsible for her current work: making international travel much easier.

Patrick Dennis
August 15, 2018

Call it another blow to our faith in rational decision making. In a new paper, UVA Professors Patrick Dennis and Benjamin Converse present strong evidence to argue that all numbers are not equal in our minds. Instead, when choosing from an infinite range of possible numbers, even professional stock traders show a clear preference for "prominent numbers"—a specific and repeating subset of round numbers. The researchers theorize that these prominent numbers—1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and so on—provide a cognitive shortcut for narrowing the choice of numbers when making numerical judgments in the absence of specific criteria.

Kunal Doshi
August 13, 2018

As a teenager, McIntire alum Kunal Doshi (McIntire ’11) received profound advice from his ailing grandfather that would have a life-changing impact: “In the last five minutes of your life, everything flashes in front of you. Just make sure it’s worth watching.”

The Fun Empire team
August 6, 2018

Ryan Ho says he always had an entrepreneurial itch. Spurred on by the excitement of creating and growing his own business, he founded a fashion e-commerce website and an online tutoring platform after graduating high school. Though both attempts yielded unremarkable profits, the experiences were enough to stoke his interest to learn more and hone his skills—ultimately leading him to apply to McIntire and to launch The Fun Empire, which hosts creative team-building events ranging from playing soccer in bubble suits to group painting sessions.

Deb Wetherby
August 3, 2018

Financial newspaper Barron’s recently selected McIntire alumna Deb Wetherby, Founder and CEO of Wetherby Asset Management, as one of the year’s “Top Women Financial Advisers” for her business acumen and experience.