Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Super Doppler Bass Player, Manager Cole Friedman on the Lifestyle of a Touring Musician and Why He Still Loves His McIntire Degree

June 27, 2018
Super Doppler band
Super Doppler—formed while its founding members were in high school—is still going strong. (Contributed photo)

At first glance, a McIntire degree might not seem like a prerequisite for succeeding as the bass player and manager of a touring rock band.

Cole Friedman (McIntire ’14), who is one of the founding members of Super Doppler, will argue that point with you, however.

“Having that intense education experience in the Commerce School taught me a lot about running a business,” says Friedman. “I’m able to take on all sorts of things and make sure they get done.”

UVA Today recently caught up with Friedman before a gig in Charlottesville to learn more about the band, which has played more than 500 shows and recently released a debut album, “Moonlight Anthems," the lifestyle of a touring musician, and how his business degree fits into it all. Read the Q&A here.