Days at McIntire Event Offers Female Students an In-Depth Introduction to the Commerce School

March 29, 2019

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Days at McIntire

What better way to learn about the McIntire School of Commerce than diving right in?

Days at McIntire aims to provide female first- and second-years the unique opportunity to get hands-on with the Commerce School. Organized by McIntire’s Office of Undergraduate Admission and sponsored by professional services firm PwC, the April 5, 2019, event presents prospective and incoming Comm women students with a concise, informative schedule highlighted by a case study in an hour-long course simulation of the School’s hallmark ICE program. With a case study and networking lunch, students will have time to interact with faculty, staff, alumnae, and a corporate partner, benefiting from a valuable learning experience.

The day specially designed to recruit female students to McIntire is part of the School’s ongoing mission to inspire more women to study business and subsequently pursue a career in one of its many applicable fields.

One of the McIntire alumnae who will be in attendance to discuss the topic at Days at McIntire, Janet Joyce Arzt (McIntire ’07), President of Mudrick Capital Management, says that every company needs an inclusive hiring and promoting viewpoint to thrive, and that women who work in finance still face challenges—even as the demographic leadership continues to include more female executives.

“Investment banks and larger financial services firms, for instance, are making remarkable strides in promoting women and retaining senior women after they start families,” she says. “This change, along with technology, has offered more flexibility and mobility, allowing women to remain in the workforce longer and get promoted to senior roles.”

Artz says she’s surprised, though, that changes haven’t taken place as quickly at asset management firms, such as hedge funds and private equity firms, but that investors are beginning to take notice and seek diverse firms with women in leadership positions. “One of the greatest challenges of being a woman in finance can be working under a leadership structure that is male dominated, especially if one wants to consider how starting a family could impact the ability to succeed in a firm long term. Diversification at the top of an organization will change that.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Meredith TenHoeve, Campus Talent Acquisition Manager at PwC.

“PwC values building a diverse and inclusive workplace,” TenHoeve says. “Our clients look for us to bring a range of perspectives to projects, and hiring a diverse group of talent is a business imperative for us. We’re thrilled to be supporting an effort to encourage women to study business at UVA.”

Representatives from PwC, a longstanding corporate partner of McIntire, will join McIntire community members and prospective students for lunch. “We’d love for students to learn more about careers and opportunities, as well as to hear from McIntire alumni working at PwC,” TenHoeve says.

She adds that any interested students will also be able to hear about the company’s diversity, inclusion, and mentorship programs.

Ultimately, female students attending Days at McIntire will enjoy an enlightening series of sessions that will show the inclusive nature of the Commerce School courses, services, and community—the very same world-class education that prepared Artz with the right tools to approach the quickly evolving landscape of the business world.

“Communication is key—whether it was verbal class participation, written business plans, navigating an interview, or writing a simple thank-you email, McIntire taught me early on that how you communicate can leave a lasting impression on others, particularly in the business community,” Arzt says. “The tools you gain from McIntire can be applied to so many different opportunities.”