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Dina Tamimi (McIntire '99) of Honeywell Talks Tech-Enabled Security in Smart City Development

March 11, 2019

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Dina Tamimi

If you think that traffic is bad now, consider this: By 2050, cities could experience growth of 13%, accounting for 68% of the entire world population. That’s going to make congestion even worse—while security will become a more problematic issue. There will also be an increased need for utilities, as a greater number of people need to draw on the same finite sources. Are we doomed?

Dina Tamimi, Director of Smart Cities and Industry Verticals for High Growth Regions at technology conglomerate Honeywell, says intelligent solutions and smart technologies may save the day.

In a recent article for online security magazine, Tamimi discusses how sensors, the internet of things (IoT), and cloud-based platforms can boost safety, security, and energy efficiency, thereby also reducing the environmental impact of future city development.

“These technologies help create actionable insights that city authorities and municipalities can use to improve their situational awareness and create productive environments that people and businesses want to call home,” Tamimi says.

A business development leader with nearly 20 years of experience in more than 140 countries, Tamimi has a keen understanding of critical infrastructure protection and public safety, and explains how digital platforms can allow smart cities to share data, unifying public safety services and emergency responses including medical and ambulance dispatches.

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