McIntire Professor Derick Davis Reveals New Insights on Holiday Shopping Habits

December 4, 2018

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Derick Davis

With the holiday season in full swing, McIntire Professor Derick Davis shares insights from his consumer behavior research and the psychology behind making gift purchases. His findings shed light on some of the factors that may affect our buying habits—and with surprising results.

In a recent article for UVA Alumni Association's Thoughts From the Lawn blog, Davis explains the differences in spending approaches that are taken when it comes to buying for those we love versus those we merely like, the reasons that influence the search for—and understanding of—a discounted item’s reduced price, and even how our body position can influence the outcome of what we choose to buy while shopping: standing (inside of a store, for instance) or sitting (as is often the case when browsing for deals online).

Find out what may be holding sway over your own gift-giving behaviors by reading the full article here.