McIntire Professor Tom Bateman Discusses What It Really Means to Be Proactive in Article on The Conversation

July 18, 2018

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Tom Bateman

People commonly think being proactive means simply starting sooner rather than later, not procrastinating, or taking initiative to get work done. But it is far more than that, says McIntire Management Professor Tom Bateman in a July 18, 2018, Conversation article.

Proactivity, he explains, begins with recognizing that a current trajectory is not good enough, or downright bad, and deciding to make a course correction. “More concretely,” he notes in the article, “proactivity means solving or preventing problems and identifying and capturing opportunities, en route to a future that is better than if you had not changed course.”

How could Congress have demonstrated proactive leadership with regard to this week’s joint summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin? Learn more about Bateman’s thoughts on the matter at The Conversation, as well as four ways to know if your behavior is truly proactive.