McIntire Student Joshua Pritchett Tells His Transformational Story on “Megyn Kelly TODAY”

May 15, 2018

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Andrew Kaufman, Joshua Pritchett, Megyn Kelly

A diverse group of promising young people from myriad backgrounds, McIntire students have limitless potential. Although they come to Grounds from all walks of life, they share a common drive and a personal history of being diligent scholars, and can all lay claim to their own stories about what led them to pursue their goals at the Comm School.

Rising fourth-year Joshua Pritchett (McIntire '19) credits UVA Russian Literature Professor Andrew Kaufman with opening his eyes and, ultimately, helping him to change his life. The student’s unique experience and newfound academic success are nothing short of inspirational.

The two recently appeared on “Megyn Kelly TODAY” to speak with Kelly about the literature class that first engaged him, and how that served as the first step toward a much brighter future.

Watch the full “Megyn Kelly TODAY” clip.