What’s Next: Natasha Zhang Foutz Surveys Entertainment Marketing Literature

December 5, 2017

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Natasha Zhang Foutz

Surveying the most current published findings in the rapidly growing field of entertainment marketing, Professor Natasha Zhang Foutz’s diligent and insightful work has seen publication in prestigious journal Foundations and Trends in Marketing. In her monograph of the $2 trillion entertainment industry, titled "Entertainment Marketing," Foutz provides a general framework of the extensive subject while synthesizing relevant studies that address the challenges inherent in the impactful platform.

The All-University Teaching Award recipient explores the rich history and pervasive reach of various industries to advertise for and within the arts, sports, tourism, and many more areas. Her discussion incorporates multiple topics within the state-of-the-art literature: product design, demand forecasting, promotion, distribution, pricing, talent/celebrity/brand management, product placement, sponsorship, the consumer experience, piracy, and wider-reaching ethical considerations.

Delving into the unique challenges that this specific branch of marketing brings to executives and academics alike, Foutz notes that entertainment’s “experiential nature, short lifecycle, integration with human talents, sequential distribution, and complementary consumption with technology” make the multifaceted enterprise “an essential platform for advertisers.”

According to her monograph, burgeoning technologies such as machine learning, neurotechnologies, virtual and augmented realities, and scalable biometric wearables are poised to further influence the consumer experience and the reach of advertisers. Continued success in the field, she concludes, will likely be informed and shaped by research, empirical data, and analytics-driven decisions by key players in entertainment.

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