McIntire Now

Rouss Hall
June 27, 2019

The Economist today ranked the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia’s M.S. in Commerce as the top U.S.-based master’s in management (MiM) program and sixth worldwide.

Dorothy Kelly
June 25, 2019

During 2019 Reunion Weekends, McIntire Professor Dot Kelly presented “Hoo$ Smart about Money: Reduce Your Taxes, Enhance Your Financial Well-Being, and $ave Thousand$,” a talk and Q&A session offering strategies to help visiting alumni make better financial choices.

Caroline Wimbleton, Ada Ma, and Ewa Granosik
June 25, 2019

One year after finishing the M.S. in Global Commerce Program, we spoke with three members of the Class of 2018 to get their perspectives about how the program fit their goals and what they continue to draw on from it in their new positions.

Kate McGinn
June 20, 2019

New Commerce School graduate Kate McGinn (McIntire ’19) is one of 21 UVA alumni and graduate students who have received Fulbright Scholarships offering research, study, and teaching opportunities in more than 140 countries. This represents the largest cohort of Fulbright recipients from the University in one year.

four people play bubble bump
June 13, 2019

Think back to the last team-building activity you did for work or school. Maybe it was a scavenger hunt, a chili cookoff, or even a trust fall. Now, imagine what would have happened if your team had done archery instead, or taken a cooking class, or played something called “bubble soccer.” Would that have made the experience more memorable, and more valuable? McIntire alum Ryan Ho thinks so—and so do Google, Facebook, Apple, Disney, Nike, and many more of his clients.

Cassandra Enyan
June 11, 2019

McIntire alum Cassandra Enyan has sought to ensure that the impact she makes professionally aligns with her personal goals to do meaningful work. And as Head of Android Platform Partnerships in Ghana and Tanzania for Google, she maintains that learning from her wide range of experiences while helping enact positive change is what keeps her going.

David Mick
June 11, 2019

An article co-authored by Robert Hill Carter Professor of Commerce David Mick, “Mindfulness: Its Transformative Potential for Consumer, Societal, and Environmental Well-Being,” has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Thomas C. Kinnear Award for outstanding article in Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. The prestigious award honors the article that makes the most significant contribution to the understanding of marketing and public policy issues.

Ankit Jain
June 10, 2019

One year after graduating from the Commerce School, Ankit Jain was ready to fuse his extensive work experience with all he learned at McIntire to launch his own IT consulting firm, 1MAGN8. A daunting undertaking for sure, but he was positive the timing was right to take the plunge.