GCOM 7770 Information Technology in Finance

The rapid evolution of information technology poses new and exciting challenges to the accounting professional, who is increasingly required to deal with information that resides in large information systems, is stored in digital form, and is accessed via the Internet or unprecedentedly fast networks. While it can be argued that hands-on knowledge of IT is critical to do your job well, many young professionals do not feel sufficiently comfortable working with IT. This class fills this knowledge gap and provides you with a deep understanding and hands-on experience with information technology in business settings (e.g., advanced Excel features, macros, pivot tables, SQL, databases). By the end of the class, you will be able to tell recruiters an exciting story about how you and your team developed and tested a financial system to trade securities. You will be able to discuss how you used IT to manage a $50 mil portfolio in turbulent financial markets, the financial strategies that you chose to hedge your risks, and the challenges and victories of managing a complex project from an integrative accounting/finance/IT perspective. Spring term.