Brand Strategy & Integrated Marketing Communication

This course, designed to introduce students to the fields of brand strategy, brand management, and integrated marketing communications (IMC), highlights the importance of market and consumer research for developing consumer insights, sound brand strategies, and successful IMC campaigns. The first half of the course focuses on the theories, strategies, and models used to assess the equity of an existing brand or to create a new one. The second half of the course covers the tactics used to carry out brand strategies, such as package design, distribution, and pricing strategy, but focuses most heavily on the topic of integrated marketing communications. Using a brand audit as the catalyst for learning, students will conduct primary and secondary research to better understand an assigned brand, its industry, competitors, and current and potential consumers. Based on this audit, students will develop strategic recommendation for the brand and the tactical efforts they recommend in support of the strategy. The course stresses problem-solving and the decision-making processes involved in setting strategic objectives and planning the marketing mix, message, and communication strategies for carrying out brand strategies.