Rambert Tyree (McIntire ’19)

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Why McIntire: I chose McIntire because I was interested in learning more about how business worked and the intricacies behind it.

Hopes for the McIntire community: I hope that the McIntire community can one day be fully inclusive of all, regardless of race, color, and background differences. 

Why diversity and inclusion are important: I believe that diversity, and more importantly inclusion, are so important because inclusive environments force us to grow and learn from the differences of thought and personality that we all bring to the table.

What we can learn from ODEI: The ODEI can show us how important it is for a school to place an institutional emphasis on the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Fun fact about yourself: I played football on the UVA varsity football team.

Hobbies: Sports, music, food