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Reports and Supplemental Funding

Commerce-related student organizations are required to submit mid-year and annual reports. Mid-year and annual report templates are posted on the McIntire student organizations collab site. 

The Mid-Year Report

All provisional and full-status Commerce-related student organizations are required to submit a mid-year report, due in December of each year. Failure to submit a complete report will prohibit an organization from receiving its second-semester supplemental funding. All organizations should complete the mid-year report and the supplemental funding request.

The Annual Report

All provisional and Commerce-related student organizations are required to submit an annual report, due in May of each year. Failure to submit a complete report will result in the organization’s loss of recognition and funding by the McIntire School. The annual report should include:

  1. Mission statement of the organization (one or two sentences describing the organization’s goals and purposes, as you want it to appear in McIntire literature and website)
  2. Names and contacts for executive officers
  3. Highlights of accomplishments for the year (projects, programs, services)
  4. Corporate and alumni connections
  5. List of projects, programs, services for upcoming year
  6. Goals for the upcoming year
  7. Budget from the past year and budget projection for the upcoming academic year, including supplemental funding request from McIntire, where appropriate
  8. Roster of members (including school of enrollment)
McIntire Supplemental Funding

The McIntire School provides supplemental funding for Commerce-related student organizations. These funds are designed to supplement (and not take the place of) other sources of revenue such as dues, fundraising, and Student Council appropriations. All McIntire organizations must apply for CIO status and, if qualified, should apply for Student Council funding as a condition of being considered for McIntire supplemental funding.

The timetable of this process should allow the newly elected officers to participate in the budget proposal for the upcoming year while still utilizing the experience and foresight of the organization's outgoing officers. Organizations are encouraged to involve their officers and members in goal setting for the next academic year before proposing a budget so that the goals and funding will support each other.

The level of funding approved for a student organization through the McIntire School is intended to be its complete allocation from the School for a full year (beginning in August and going through the following June). Additional funding will be approved only when a considerable change in the status of the organization can be demonstrated.
Some Guidelines Used in Determining Funding
  • No organization receiving supplemental funding may carry a large surplus (over $400) in their operating budgets through the summer months without a reasonable explanation.
  • The School will not, as a general rule, fund travel for student organizations. In those few instances where travel is funded, the School can fund travel expenses for only a small number of members. If it is necessary to take a large group to conferences/meetings, students should share in the expenses or attempt fund raising for travel monies. Please note that Student Council does consider funding requests for travel.
  • Organizations receiving supplemental funding must abide by the alcohol policy of the University and the McIntire School. Failure to do so can result in termination of funding.
  • School allocations will be issued only to University CIOs or organizations attempting CIO status.
  • The organization's members must be 30% Commerce students AND 60% Comm/pre-Comm students.
  • No Commerce-related organization applying for supplemental funding may solicit donations from external/corporate sources without first consulting with the McIntire Corporate Relations Office.
  • Any organization receiving McIntire supplemental funding must participate and attend all meetings of the McIntire President’s Council. Failure to do so may result in termination of or diminished funding.
  • Supplemental funding templates are available to all McIntire Commerce-related student organization officers via the McIntire student organizations collab site.