How to Access Your McIntire Course Material

Several collaborative/course management systems are available for faculty, staff, and students to use at the University of Virginia. Two systems are UVA's Collab and McIntire's Blackboard course management systems.

UVA Collab
UVA's Collab system is available to all members of the University community. Although it can be used to facilitate collaboration between students and faculty, as Blackboard is used, it also provides extra versatility in allowing any member of the University to create a collaboration site, create user groups and permissions to the site, and use this site for the storage of materials being worked on by groups of individuals. The Collab site provides excellent guides on how to use this very user-friendly system. If you need to create a site in order to host content that can be modified and saved back to the site for review by others, Collab is a good option.
The McIntire School of Commerce runs its own course material software called Blackboard. Blackboard is used by professors to post assignments, review materials, grades, and other course-related information so that students have easy access to these resources. The system is accessed with your McIntire user ID and McIntire domain password. If you experience issues accessing the site, contact the McIntire Help Desk. Blackboard has resources available for faculty, students, and administrators.