Schedule Group Study Rooms

Group Study Room Scheduling

Students may make a study room reservation online using McIntire's EMS scheduling system ( on any web browser. Please log in with your McIntire username and password.

You can also make reservations using the EMS Mobile app, available for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store).  With the app installed, you can also scan the QR code found outside each group study room to book that space.

Technologies Available in Group Study Rooms
Each room contains a conference table with direct and wireless laptop connections to a large flat-panel display. Tack panels and whiteboards line the walls. Instructions for use of the displays in the rooms can be found here.
Group Study Room Policies
Please be aware that during peak work times, there are fewer rooms than groups of students, so you must plan ahead to reserve a room. Group study rooms may be reserved in two-hour time blocks only. Individual students cannot book consecutive appointments; however, multiple students in the same group are permitted to make consecutive bookings. Please be respectful of others in the McIntire community.
These rooms are to be used only for group work that includes three or more Commerce students. They are not intended for individual use. For individual studying, you can use the Reading Room or other student work spaces on the 400 level.

The two rooms adjacent to the Graduate Commons (109 and 119) are reserved for graduate students at all times, and undergraduate students may be asked to leave.
Rooms should be used within 15 minutes of the reservation start time or your reservation will be forfeited. If a room has not been occupied within 15 minutes of its reserved start time, please visit the Help Desk on the second floor to cancel the existing reservation and make a new reservation. You may not hold a room by placing your belongings in it. Be aware that if belongings are left in a group study room, they may be removed and brought to the Help Desk.
Please be respectful of these rooms and the technology in them. You may eat and drink in the group study rooms, but please be sure to clean up before you leave the room. No food or drink is allowed in any of the lab areas; this is crucial to the care and maintenance of our technology.