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David Wornow

David Wornow

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

About Me: Hey! Thanks for clicking on my profile! My name is David Wornow, and I’m a fourth-year studying Finance and Management, with a (hopeful) minor in History. While I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m proud to call McIntire my home away from home.

I’ve loved my experience at McIntire. From late-night group project meetings to the frequent events that McIntire hosts, I’ve always found that every day turns out to be different from the last. Within McIntire, I’ve been able to explore my interests through a number of organizations, including the Virginia Venture Fund and the Consulting Group at McIntire.

Outside of McIntire, I’m a member of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society and conduct behavioral psychology research at the Batten School. During my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, listening to hip hop, and hanging out with friends.

My time at McIntire has been incredibly busy but incredibly rewarding. So far, my favorite moment at McIntire was the final ICE presentation my group delivered to executives from my block’s corporate sponsor, Margaritaville. Being able to present and share the work that we had done throughout the semester to the CEO and CMO of Margaritaville, and have our idea validated, made all the late nights worth it!

Fun Fact: Over the summer, I was given a tour of the largest container ship ever built in the United States as a part of my summer job (ask me in person if you’re curious!).