Fall Forum 2023

Heralded as the most transformative technological advancement to impact humanity in centuries, artificial intelligence (AI) is already changing our lives, our approach to business, and our society. The growing presence and continued development of AI signals a new age of extraordinary opportunity across all industries, while raising significant questions about the future of ethics, privacy, empathy, misinformation, labor, and more

The McIntire School of Commerce’s 2023 Fall Forum, “The AI Revolution: Possibilities & Challenges,” explored the incredible business value and fundamental societal consequences of AI by examining its promise and problems through the use case of generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Keynote Speaker

Zack Kass
Technology Futurist; Specialist in Generative AI Solutions

Zack Kass is a highly respected figure in the field of technology and innovation. He most recently served as the GTM (Go-To-Market) Lead at OpenAI, one of the world's leading artificial intelligence research organizations.

After completing his degree, Kass began his career as a software engineer, working for several prominent technology companies. He quickly established himself as a talented and innovative thinker, known for his ability to solve complex problems and develop cutting-edge solutions.

As his career progressed, Kass became increasingly interested in the field of artificial intelligence, recognizing its potential to revolutionize everything from business to healthcare to transportation. He joined OpenAI in 2017, where he played a key role in driving the organization's growth and success.

As GTM Lead, Kass was responsible for developing and executing OpenAI's go-to-market strategy, working closely with key stakeholders to identify new opportunities and drive growth. He was also responsible for managing relationships with customers, partners, and investors, helping to build and maintain OpenAI's reputation as a world-class organization at the forefront of AI research and development. 

Kass spends a lot of his time consulting Fortune 1000 C-suite, politicians, and other global leaders on their AI strategies, and he has presented at dozens of board meetings. He believes the future is full of hope and abundance, but it's dependent on the safe and effective adoption of AI. He brings energy, optimism, and humor to his presentations, and welcomes earnest Q&A. 

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Joining Zack Kass as Panelists

Kent Collier (McIntire '03)
Kent Collier (McIntire '03)
Founder and CEO, Reorg

Kent Collier is the Founder and CEO of Reorg, the leading provider of intelligence, data, and analysis for the global credit markets.

Sarah Lebovitz
Sarah Lebovitz
Assistant Professor of Commerce

An authority on information systems and technological transformation, Sarah Lebovitz investigates how organizations develop, adopt, and use AI tools for making high-stakes decisions.

Dorothy Leidner
Dorothy Leidner
Leslie H. Goldberg Jefferson Scholars Foundation Distinguished Professor in Business & AI Ethics

Dorothy Leidner is an expert on business ethics, knowledge management, and workforce digitalization. 

Steven L. Johnson
Steven L. Johnson
Associate Professor of Commerce

Steven L. Johnson is an award-winning researcher whose work adopts a social-technical perspective to investigate how AI algorithms, platforms, and social dynamics shape the discovery, creation, and sharing of digital information.


10 a.m. - Doors Open

Doors open for seating in Old Cabell Hall

10:30 a.m. - Welcome Remarks

Remarks by McIntire Dean Nicole Thorne Jenkins

10:40 a.m. - Keynote Address

Keynote by Zack Kass, Technology Futurist; Specialist in Generative AI Solutions

11 a.m. - Panel Discussion

Zack Kass, Kent Collier (McIntire '03), Sarah Lebovitz, Dorothy Leidner, with moderation by Steven L. Johnson

11:45 a.m. - Audience Q&A

Panelists will take questions from the audience, moderated by Steven L. Johnson

Noon - Event Concludes

The discussion will end at noon. Attendees are welcome to check out our afternoon event, the Knowledge Continuum, "AI in Practice" (advance registration required).

AI Extended

Check back throughout the fall semester as we explore AI in the classroom and in Center events tailored for our alumni and other business leaders.



Oct. 20, 2023 | 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.

The topic of this year’s Fall Forum is at the heart of the Center for the Management of IT's mission—to advance knowledge and cultivate leaders engaged in the management of information technology. We seek to deeply explore both the transformative potential of AI, and the conscientious leadership required to navigate these associated challenges, perfectly aligning with CMIT’s core mission.

Our special edition of the Knowledge ∞ Continuum will feature a panel of practitioners who will provide case examples of how AI is currently being used in various industries, including retail, healthcare, and education, as well as advice on navigating some of the challenges they have faced. McIntire Professor Stefano Grazioli will moderate the program and facilitate participation from the audience of executive professionals. Featured speakers include Courtney Modecki, Regional Director for Federal Healthcare at VMWare (and formerly with IBM Watson Health), Gautam Puranik, Chief Data Officer and Head of Business Strategy & Analytics at CarMax, and others to be announced.

AI in the Classroom

During the semester, McIntire's Centers of Excellence will provide extracurricular opportunities for students, aiming to enhance their understanding of the intricacies and potential applications of AI across diverse industries.

CIFM Logo_bGub9ZVN
Classroom Speaker
Quantitative Investing with Machine Learning, and AI.

On Monday, November 6, at 5:30 p.m., in RRH 123, Jamey Thompson, Founder/Portfolio Manager at Jocassee Quantitative, will join us to discuss opportunities and challenges in quantitative investing, including the roles of predictive modeling, machine learning, and AI. 

PWC Logo_p64ZnFq6
Classroom Speaker
AI in Accounting

AI has the potential to fundamentally change the work auditors and accountants do on a daily basis. By shifting the repetitive, error-prone manual processes that have defined the work of accountants and auditors for decades to AI, accountants and auditors can focus on higher-value tasks that are both more challenging and stimulating. Featuring Younga Chang (McIntire ’19), Data Engineer, and Abigail Horning, Senior Manager, Product Management, Next Generation Audit Emerging Capabilities, from PwC, this panel will discuss how forward-thinking accountancy firms are embracing AI and what the future looks like for the profession.

Sponsored by the PwC Center for Innovation in Professional Services