Student Experience

At McIntire, commerce means collaboration, fostering inclusive communities, and learning by doing. We believe that our students need a multifaceted educational experience to develop the understanding and skills they need to navigate the complexity of the global marketplace and society at large. We offer all of our students extraordinary opportunities to learn, grow, and pursue their own unique pathway to success.

Committed to Your Success

McIntire’s staff and faculty are deeply committed to ensuring that you have access to all of the support and answers you need to thrive in the School community and get the most out of the experience.

Diversity and Inclusion

At McIntire, we prioritize inclusion because we know that communities flourish when good people, ideas, and differences come together and engage in meaningful exchanges. We aim to recruit, support, and educate a community as diverse as the global workforce, and to celebrate the possibilities of our shared talents. We believe a collection of diverse backgrounds and perspectives enriches our community by challenging assumptions, inspiring thoughtful discussion, and contributing to the development of inspired solutions.


Student Services

From the moment you are accepted, our program advisers work with you to make the right choices and find the right resources that will set you up for success in the Commerce School and after graduation. By working closely with every student to cultivate and reinforce a sense of purpose, resourcefulness, capability, and connection, the Student Services team help students forge their personal pathway to success. Advisers work with every student to identify any challenges, foster support and wellness, and find resources in and outside the classroom.

Career Support

McIntire students’ consistent achievement of positive career outcomes across all of our programs speaks to the caliber of our students, our highly engaged alumni network, and the practical career services we offer. In addition to hosting employers and recruiters virtually and on Grounds, we organize student trips with employers in New York, D.C., and Silicon Valley, where you can gain an insider perspective and networking experience. Our corporate contacts are always eager to recruit McIntire students for internships and jobs, and to prepare, we offer one-on-one interview counseling and networking events.

Global Immersion

All business is global business. At McIntire, we’re committed to helping all of our students garner international business experience because we believe that these experiences produce leaders unhindered by geographical boundaries. It’s no longer about studying abroad; it’s about making sure that you leave with a rigorous understanding of how today’s capital markets, geopolitical factors, and cultural context affect modern business.

Classroom Innovation

One of McIntire’s educational hallmarks is welcoming corporations and corporate leaders into the classroom because we know that these learning opportunities greatly benefit our students and their future employers. Our faculty often draw from our esteemed alumni community and invite them back to lead discussions about their biggest business challenges. McIntire’s signature undergraduate program, the Integrated Core Experience (ICE), teaches business through a collaboration with corporate sponsors; you’ll perform real consulting work on projects with outcomes that matter.

Faculty Engagement

Our faculty—and their thoughtful approach—are the cornerstone of the Commerce experience. McIntire faculty are as passionate about their students’ success as they are about their own fields of expertise. Legendary mentors and advisers, they enrich learning and build community by devoting themselves to their students and their work, long after classes end. Outside the classroom, faculty members are renowned for their open minds, open hearts, and open doors.