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M.S. in Commerce

Integrated Core Experience

The Integrated Core Experience gives you an enterprise-wide view of business. Course content, integrative projects, and case studies teach you to understand real-world business problems and their solutions.

An Integrated Curriculum

Professors team-teach and collaborate with each other and students in a rigorous yet informal classroom environment. Course material is presented in a cross-functional manner to provide students with a working knowledge of the interconnectedness of business functions across industries.

Case Studies

The integrated curriculum and case-based method of teaching give students real-world examples to learn about the complexities of business. Faculty members, many with firsthand experience in the field, often bring corporate partners into the classroom to share live cases or challenge students with consulting projects.

Team-Based Projects

The environment is collaborative, with students working on multiple team projects throughout the year. After honing their communication and presentation skills in the program, McIntire graduates are “client ready” as they start their career.


Classroom Discussions

Instead of just learning the skills to perform analytics, branding, or project management, students learn how to apply those skills to address a real client problem, through lively classroom discussions that challenge them to think critically and communicate effectively.


Integrated Core Experience Course Descriptions

During the fall semester, students are enrolled in 18 credits of the Integrated Core Experience and 3 credits of a track-specific course.

GCOM 7010: Global Strategy and Systems (7.5 credits)

Global Strategy and Systems provides an overview of global business from both a strategic process perspective and the organization as a system. It introduces a broad conceptual framework involving strategic and critical thinking, business planning, and general management functions. It provides a foundation for the other core modules that develop more specific concepts and techniques. Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students.

GCOM 7020: Strategic Cost Management (1.5 credits)

This course covers the use of cost data in strategic planning and control to facilitate the development and implementation of business strategies. Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students.

GCOM 7030: Financial Accounting (1.5 credits)

Financial Accounting incorporates the perspectives of accounting, corporate finance, and economics to help students understand financial statements and the judgments and incentives underlying accounting choices. The course uses an integrated, cross-disciplinary view of financial reporting and includes major accounting topics, including assets, liabilities, equity, off-balance sheet financing, measurement issues, valuation, and analysis. Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students.

GCOM 7040: Marketing and Quantitative Analysis (3 credits)

Marketing and Quantitative Analysis introduces the marketing management processes that can be applied to various global markets. Topics include understanding market metrics, consumer market dynamics, consumer behavior and social/cultural trends, organizational buying behaviors, market segmentation, global branding, management of goods and services in diverse markets, and marketing decision systems. Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students.

GCOM 7050: Organizational Behavior (1.5 credits)

Organizational Behavior examines human behavior both within the organization and within the global business environment. It discusses personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills in a global climate. Topics include cross-cultural differences, global and virtual teams, leadership, conflict resolution, decision-making, and creating high-performance teams. Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students.

GCOM 7060: Financial Management (3 credits)

Financial Management covers basic corporate finance, including cost of capital, capital budgeting, valuation of stock and bonds, working capital management, and international finance. Prerequisite: Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students.

Disclosure: The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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