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Marketing & Management Track

In the Marketing & Management Track, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of modern marketing while cultivating essential professional and managerial skills in project management, business planning, and strategy. Through team projects for sponsoring organizations, you will gain experience leading and working in diverse teams, managing projects, formulating a point of view, and concisely reporting meaningful insights to diverse audiences.

The Marketing & Management Track is designed to give students seeking careers in client- or customer-facing organizations the key frameworks, technologies, and functional skills employers are seeking. For example, students will learn to:

  • Conduct a thorough brand analysis for a sponsor company and set forth strategic recommendations and guidance for enhancing customer value and/or revenue performance

  • Manage projects effectively and efficiently, including scope, estimation and scheduling, global sourcing, virtual and global teams, and vendors

  • Use a business planning model to design, develop, and execute an effective integrated web and social marketing program

  • Understand how consumer behavior and consumer response to pricing fit into the formulation of viable marketing strategies

  • Market products and services and manage strategic alliances in a business to business environment

Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communication

This course, designed to introduce students to the fields of brand strategy, brand management, and integrated marketing communications (IMC), highlights the importance of market and consumer research for developing consumer insights, sound brand strategies, and successful IMC campaigns. The first half of the course focuses on the theories, strategies, and models used to assess the equity of an existing brand or to create a new one. The second half of the course covers the tactics used to carry out brand strategies, such as package design, distribution, and pricing strategy, but focuses most heavily on the topic of integrated marketing communications. Using a brand audit as the catalyst for learning, students will conduct primary and secondary research to better understand an assigned brand, its industry, competitors, and current and potential consumers. Based on this audit, students will develop strategic recommendation for the brand and the tactical efforts they recommend in support of the strategy. The course stresses problem-solving and the decision-making processes involved in setting strategic objectives and planning the marketing mix, message, and communication strategies for carrying out brand strategies. 

Product & Project Management

The primary objective of Project Management is to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the effective management of projects. To this end, the course is closely tied to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK, as espoused by the Project Management Institute) and consists of seminars on such topics as planning, stakeholder management, human resource management, global/virtual teams, and risk management. Prerequisites: Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students

Digital Strategy & Analytics

This course examines ways to design, develop, and execute effective integrated, web, and social marketing programs. The course uses a business planning model that allows students to justify, build, and execute social and digital marketing programs with bottom-line ROI. Students learn to identify and measure high-value market segments, use web and social research to evaluate competitors, and convince management of the value of digital and social marketing.

Consumer Behavior Research and Pricing Strategy

Students are expected to: (a) learn the key concepts and theories that underlie consumer behavior and consumer responses to pricing; (b) develop an understanding of how these theories fit into the formulation of viable marketing strategies; and (c) cultivate a skill set that is essential to effective performance in professional and managerial positions: working as a team, thinking analytically, formulating a point of view, and concisely presenting recommendations. Learning in this course is best achieved by getting a firm grasp of the underlying principles that can be applied in a reasoned and systematic fashion across a broad spectrum of business contexts.

Developing and Managing Innovative New Products

Developing innovative products is the lifeblood of the firm, yet many product introductions fail due to improper design, unrealistic expectations, or a failure to understand the consumer. This course will dissect the new product development process, including creative ideation, concept testing, prototyping, and entry strategies. Concepts such as open source innovation, disruptive technologies, and the diffusion of innovations are also considered.

Financial Management

Financial Management covers basic corporate finance, including cost of capital, capital budgeting, valuation of stock and bonds, working capital management, and international finance. Prerequisite: Restricted to M.S. in Commerce students.

Careers in Marketing and Management

Strong analytical skills, the ability to present and write well, and the ability to cross technology with marketing skills are in high demand.

With a concentration in Marketing and Management, you’ll be well-prepared for career paths in digital marketing, brand or project management, customer or marketing analytics, new product/business development, and management consulting, among others. For complete employment statistics for M.S. in Commerce graduates, please refer to the Graduate Placement Report.

Top Hiring Companies

A.T. Kearney
American Express
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Barneys New York
Boston Consulting Group

Capital One
Hyatt corporation
Infinity Marketing
IPT Mediabrands

New York Yankees

Marketing & Management Track

Alumni Profiles

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Jena Al-Barzinji (M.S. in Commerce '19)
Jena Al-Barzinji (M.S. in Commerce '19)
Oracle, Business Development Consultant

"The M.S. in Commerce helped me develop strong business acumen and challenged me to think in new ways. It gave me an entirely new skill set that I could immediately use when entering the workforce."

Antonia Hite (M.S. in Commerce '17)
Antonia Hite (M.S. in Commerce '17)
circle S studio, Account Manager

"The project experience at McIntire really prepped me well for client presentations. You have to be able to feel comfortable presenting and owning your presentation. The case studies and client presentations at McIntire gave me a taste of what that’s like. I learned how to make an effective presentation deck to get information across clearly and concisely, as well as how to present data in a meaningful way, which can really make or break a presentation."

Meyrav Levy (M.S. in Commerce '18)
Meyrav Levy (M.S. in Commerce '18)
DDC, Creative Project Manager

"One of the most important things I learned during my time in the M.S. in Commerce is how to adapt my communication style to different teams I work with, as well as managing competing priorities effectively."

Evan Sacks (M.S. in Commerce '14)
Evan Sacks (M.S. in Commerce '14)
1001Tracklists, CEO

"Business clicked a lot more for me than biomedical engineering, as I found the concepts to be both more relatable and interesting. I really enjoyed Marketing classes, learning about the psychology of consumer decision-making, and I also gained valuable experience from collaborating with classmates on group projects."

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