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M.S. in Commerce | Admissions

Requirements and Eligibility

We seek well-rounded individuals who have a passion for their chosen field of study. We look for evidence of strong academic ability and qualities of character, such as motivation, maturity, tenacity, integrity, ability to work with others, self-reliance, and leadership. We strive to achieve a class environment with a diversity of perspectives and life experiences.


Applicants must earn an undergraduate degree in liberal arts, science, or engineering from a regionally accredited college or university and have a strong record of academic achievement. To be eligible, you must have graduated or will be graduating within 18 months of matriculation. If you have an undergraduate major in business or equivalent coursework, you are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must complete the following prerequisite courses prior to matriculation:

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Students should understand the basic framework of accounting, including underlying accounting concepts and constraints, that helps them in the preparation of financial records, financial statements, and analysis of the major financial statements.

Introduction to Microeconomics

Students should have gained an understanding of consumer and producer behavior, the nature of supply and demand, the different kinds of markets and how they function, welfare outcomes of consumers and producers, and the forces determining income distribution.

Introduction to Statistics

Students should understand the basic framework of probability and statistical theory, including displaying and describing data, relationships in data, design of experiments, causation, random sampling, probability, statistical inference, confidence intervals, tests of hypotheses, and regression and correlation.

UVA statistics courses that qualify to serve as a prerequisite are STAT 1120, STAT 2020, STAT 2120, SOC 3120, SOC 3130, ECON 3720, EVSC 5030, LPPA 4240, PPOL 4240, PSYC 2005, APMA 3110, and APMA 3120.   

Prerequisite coursework is not required at time of application but must be completed by Aug. 1.

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We look forward to connecting with you about your interest in our Graduate Programs and encourage you to be in touch with any questions you may have.

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