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Media and Design at McIntire

The McIntire Media and Design department provides instructional and promotional services both to individual faculty members and the School as a whole. With two fully equipped in-house studios, broadcast-quality production capabilities, and an instructional-design team serving as a dedicated faculty resource, MMD is here to help you take your project, class, or program to the next level.

Instructional Design

Whether you are thinking about a small change to a current course, or you are developing a new course, MMD can assist you by providing an organized design framework to facilitate the process. Some examples of MMD's instructional design services include:

  • Reviewing syllabi, general course design, and assessments
  • Identifying appropriate instructional technology for both face-to-face and online courses
  • Exploring alternative teaching methodologies and delivery options

Contact MMD for a faculty consult.

Media Production

MMD offers several different types of media to help you maximize your class time and your students’ learning:

  • Lectures. Quickly add new material to your class or permanently free up class time with an online video lecture. Based on your needs, MMD offers fully produced videos, with graphics, animation, and text, as well as simple talking-head lectures.
  • Lightboard. A lightboard is large pane of glass that you write on like a chalkboard; the difference is that we film through the glass as you write, and the result is amazing. Because very little post-production is involved, videos can often be ready within a few days, making it a perfect tool for doing additional problem sets or examples that you don’t have time to do in class.
  • Wacom. The Wacom tablet allows you to annotate charts, diagrams, Excel sheets–anything that may require a bit of further explanation. You can simply talk through your annotations or write and narrate a prepared script to accompany the video.
  • Animation. Frequently, our videos include animation to help explain a concept, but MMD can also produce stand-alone graphics and animated clips, giving you a great tool for explaining complex concepts to students.
  • Video Case Studies and Profiles. Alumni or business leader interviews, company profiles, stand-alone case studies–these documentary-style videos provide students with authentic examples and give them access to industry experts from all over the world.
  • Promotional Media. Whether the topic is one of McIntire's innovative programs or a student success story, video can quickly and effectively communicate all of the amazing things going on at the School.