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McIntire Young Alumni Council

Founded in 2002, the McIntire Young Alumni Council (MYAC) is composed of young alumni leaders from McIntire's undergraduate, M.S. in Commerce, and M.S. in Accounting programs. MYAC facilitates and strengthens the connection between McIntire and its young alumni. The Council provides advice to McIntire School leadership, organizes programs and events for young alumni, develops innovative campaigns to keep young alumni engaged, encourages young alumni to support the School financially, and supports current undergraduate and graduate students with advice and mentoring as students prepare for life after graduation.

For more information, please contact Associate Director of Annual Giving & Engagement Chera Teague at​.

Ozair Ahmad, McIntire '18
Kamil Ahmed, McIntire '15
Caroline Barton, McIntire '17
Evan Baum, McIntire '15
Cam Boland, A&S '14, M.S. in Commerce '15 , Co-Chair
Luke Brennan, McIntire '13
Ryan Briggs, McIntire '13
William Carver, McIntire '15
Faby Chaillo, McIntire '17
Jyotika Chandhoke, McIntire '19
Will Cozean, McIntire '11
Anant Das, McIntire '19
Raj Das, McIntire '17
Harrison DiGia, McIntire '15
Kate Donaldson, A&S '14, M.S. in Commerce '15
Lauren Fogel, McIntire '18
Tim Ford, McIntire '18
Allison Lovejoy Frazier, M.S. in Accounting '13
Connor Fusselman, McIntire '11 , Co-Chair
Samantha Glazer, McIntire '17
Max Grant, McIntire '13
Allie Griswold, McIntire '15
Katherine Gruneisen, McIntire '16
Akaash Gupta, McIntire '15
Billy Hicks, McIntire '19
Miles Jackson, McIntire '16
Joy Jefferson, McIntire '17, M.S. in Accounting '18
Taylor Jordan, McIntire '15
Selena Kowalski, McIntire '16
Julianne Kur, McIntire '14
Will Liang, McIntire '12
Faith Lyons, McIntire '16
Ahmed Malik, M.S. in Accounting '13
Lidija Massenko, McIntire '17
Lucy Miller, M.S. in Commerce '18
Arin Mitchell, McIntire '13
Kayu Muigai, McIntire '11
Kelly Pease, McIntire '16
Ryan Perry, M.S. in Commerce '18
Katie Pierce, McIntire '19
Emily Plante, A&S '18, M.S. in Commerce '19
David Plon, McIntire '11
Anna Powell, McIntire '19
Collin Rhea, McIntire '13
McKenzie Roese, M.S. in Commerce '14
James Rogers, McIntire '11
Pragati Rohra, McIntire '18
Tyler Saitta, McIntire '14
Jessica Stamelman, McIntire '15
Cindy Wei, McIntire '12
Cecil White, McIntire '15
Ryan Whitney, McIntire '14 , Co-Chair
Nick Wood, McIntire '12