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McIntire Advisory Board

Founded in 1981, the McIntire School of Commerce Advisory Board is an important link between the School and the business and public communities that it serves. It provides advice to the faculty and School leadership regarding the dynamic and evolving needs of business, and it assists the Dean in planning and resource development.

The Advisory Board works with the Dean of the McIntire School to promote the strategic objectives and achievement of goals for the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia.

The Advisory Board acts as a liaison between the faculty and the business community to promote understanding, cooperation, and mutual gain through activities such as consulting arrangements, involving faculty members in practical business problems, arranging for guest lecturers from industry, and bringing students in direct contact with business executives.

The Advisory Board consults with the Dean on education- and business-related activities, such as forums, symposia, and other special events and programs; helps to provide opportunities for business research; and consults on matters relating to students, such as employment opportunities and career development.

To contact an Advisory Board member, please contact Nola Miller at or 434-243-7784.

Jeffrey R. Anderson Jr., ’94
Mark M. Anderson, ’98
Scott R. Anderson, ’86
James Babski, '00
David B. Barr, ’85
Jeff Bartlett, '83
David C. Bell, '93
H. Tracey Brownfield, ’79​
Ann M. Burris, '82
Sarah Butler, '98
Roger Calvert, '72​​
Patricia M. Cary, '80 , Vice Chair
David C. Chattleton, '00
Susan Conniff, '88
E. Stockton Croft IV, '91
Spencer Cummings, '06, M.S. in MIT '18
Anoop Dhakad, '93
Richard J. Diemer Jr., '80
Walter B. Doggett III, '87 , Vice Chair
B. Kemp Dolliver, '83, Darden '87
Peter J. Dunne, '80
J. Rice Edmonds, '93
Mina Faltas, '00
Roger E. George, ’88, Law ’92​
Richard M. Gerson, '97
Stephen P. Gibson, '87
Gregg I. Goldenberg, '89
John Gowen, '91
Daron W. Greene, '01
Scott L. Gwilliam, '91
J. Carney Hawks, '96
Andrew C. Hee, ’92
Carolyne Beaty Hilton, '95
David R. Hilty, ’90
R. Christian Johnsen, ’82 , Vice Chair
Chip Jordan, ’84, MS ’85 , Vice Chair
Glen T. Kacher, '93
Chris P. Kallos, '89
R. Stribling Koster Jr., '83
Jackie Krese, '85
Dale S. Lam, '85​
Marc P. Lefar, '85
Amy Wells Mackay, '86
Steven A. Marks, '92​
John B. Mears, '86, Darden ’92
Nicholas A. Merrick, ’85
Paul K. Meyer, '79
Matthew P. Miller , '89
Nola Miller, A&S ’99, Education ’04
James K. Murray III, '85, MS '86
Michael S. Murray, '88
Christopher J. Nassetta, '84
Donald D. Olinger, ’81
Craig Packer, '88
Anthony R. Page, '85
William K. Perrin, ’63
Peter B. Polonsky, ’82
Sherry J. Polonsky, ’83
Jeffrey A. Raich, '89​
Jason C. Rascoe, ’03 , Vice Chair
Amanda H. Richardson, '01
Erin Russell, '96
Steven G. Schneider, ’85
John T. Shippee, '85
James G. Silk, '91
Walker Simmons, '93
Scott Sinclair, '91
Suzanne L. H. Stanton, '83
Larry Tankel, '89
Barbara Taylor, '77 , Vice Chair
Schuyler M. Tilney, '78
Steven J. Tricarico, '92
William L. Tyson, '84
Robert S. Understein, '​​63
Rob Vallejo, '92
N. Robbert Vorhoff, '01
Thomas M. Wilson, '81​​ , Chair
Farhad Zaman, '93
Celeste Browning Zuch​​​​​​​​​​, '91​​​​​​​​​​