Andrés Clarens is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Virginia and Associate Director of the Pan-University Environmental Resilience Institute. His research is focused broadly on understanding anthropogenic carbon flows and the ways that CO2 is manipulated, reused, and sequestered in engineered systems. The results of his work are important for developing efficient strategies for mitigating the emissions that are driving climate change. At the largest scales, his system-level modeling work has explored the life cycle of systems in the manufacturing, transportation, and energy sectors. In the laboratory, he is pursuing complementary research in the phase behavior and surface chemistry of carbon dioxide mixtures at high pressure.

This work can be used to provide low carbon cements and more effective predictive tools for understanding tradeoffs between energy systems and water systems. In the classroom, Professor Clarens engages in peer-to-peer learning at both the undergraduate and graduate level with an emphasis on developing innovative tools for teaching the fundamentals of climate change. In his spare time, he enjoys running, fly fishing, backpacking, mountain biking, and traveling internationally.