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Graduating students processing onto the Lawn

Career Destinations Report

Commerce Career Services is pleased to present our annual Destinations Report. This report reflects the remarkable job placement rate of our McIntire students; statistics are based on a 100% response rate from the class. The report also includes internship statistics and an overview of the academic programs offered at McIntire, and highlight our top hiring organizations.

Current students are asked to fill out the Destinations Survey to let CCS know their job or internship status.

Please also visit M.S. in Commerce Career Destinations for additional career information on this class.

97% Undergraduate Placement

As of Aug. 23, 97% of the undergraduate Class of 2019 indicated they had accepted a position (93%), were enrolling in or seeking to enroll in graduate school (3%), or were not in the job market (1%).

Average Salary is $78,315

The average annual base salary for the undergraduate Class of 2019 is $78,315; the median annual base salary is $80,000.

...Plus Bonuses

The average signing bonus for the undergraduate Class of 2019 is $10,859. The average estimated annual bonus is $22,888. The average relocation bonus is $5,592.

Graduate School Destinations

A total of 10 B.S. in Commerce students (3% of the class) indicated they have enrolled in graduate degree programs, most of which include finance and law.

98% Employment: M.S. in Accounting

98% of the M.S. in Accounting Class of 2019 reported being employed. The average base salary is $61,029; the median annual base salary is $60,000.

94% Employment: M.S. in Commerce

94% of the M.S. in Commerce Class of 2018 reported being employed. The average annual base salary is $67,557; the median annual base salary is $69,500.

91% Employment: M.S. in Global Commerce

91% of the M.S. in Global Commerce Class of 2018 reported being employed. The global average salary is $63,023 for students admitted through McIntire.