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Evaluating a Job Offer and Negotiation

You Have a Job Offer—Now What?
  • Be gracious! Thank the company for the offer and explain that you are excited about the possibility of joining the company’s team. Explain that you would like some time to think about the offer, and ask if the company has a deadline in mind for you to provide an answer.
  • If you receive a verbal job offer, wait to fully read and review the written offer.
  • If you choose to negotiate, do not attempt to do this immediately after receiving the offer. You don’t want the employer to think that compensation is your most important consideration.
  • Read the "How to Evaluate a Job Offer" handout.
  • Meet with a career adviser to discuss your offer and next steps. We can help you decide whether or not to negotiate, how to ask for more time if necessary, what to negotiate, etc.
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