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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    When are Commerce Career Services’ walk-in hours? 
Walk-in hours, scheduled for 15 minutes and meant for quick questions or for a resume review, are scheduled on the following days:

Monday: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Tuesday: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Thursday: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

2.    What if I need more than 15 minutes to talk to a career adviser?
Make an appointment using Bookings, calling 434-924-7986, emailing, or stopping by CCS in Rouss & Robertson Halls, Suite 407.

3.    Can I make a same-day appointment with a CCS adviser?
While we recognize there may be emergencies, we try to avoid making same-day appointments. Our advisers block time on their calendars for catching up on email and other work commitments when they are not meeting with students. CCS allows for 15-minute walk-in appointments four days a week. Longer appointments are available to students outside of walk-in hours by scheduling an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

4.    Are mock interview services available through CCS? 
CCS offers behavioral and case mock interviews which you can schedule at the CCS front desk. This appointment will last an hour, allowing feedback. You will be asked to forward your resume to the adviser before your interview. Companies also offer mock interviews through CCS (both case and behavioral) in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters before on-Grounds interviewing.

5.    If I can’t make a scheduled adviser appointment, should I call ahead and cancel?
Please do. This will free up time for another student or for our advisers to catch up on their work. This is especially true for a mock interview appointment.

6.    How do I obtain a Handshake account?
Students can access Handshake here. First-time users must first register for an account and create a profile. 

7.    How do I find out about employer events?
CCS sends out weekly emails and posts information about employer events on our Commerce Career Portal. You can also refer to the University Career Center Calendar (you will need to log-in to access this) in Handshake for the most up-to-date information on upcoming events.

8.    What time of the year do employers visit Grounds to recruit and participate in McIntire’s Employer Engagement Days, present information sessions, and conduct interviews?  
Employer activity takes place throughout the fall and spring semesters. Full-time recruiting is conducted in the fall (August through November) and internship recruiting takes place during in the spring (January through May).

9.    What is McIntire’s Employer Engagement Days program?
The Employer Engagement Days program is designed to prepare Commerce students for the recruiting process through mock interviews, resume reviews, and coffee networking with employers. The program is managed by McIntire’s Commerce Career Services and Corporate Relations. 

10.    What should I wear, when in doubt, to an information session?
When in doubt, it is always best to dress in business attire. If the employer says “casual,” make it business casual. For employer presentations or information sessions around Grounds, it is best to make a good first impression by wearing business casual attire. However, for resume reviews or coffee networking events during the day, it is fine to stop by in what you are wearing to class. 

11.    I received a CCS email that contains a company application deadline that differs from the resume submission deadline listed on Handshake. Which deadline is correct?
Always refer to Handshake and its calendar for the most current information on resume submission deadlines AND information sessions. Times and dates often change, and these are reflected on the Handshake calendar.

12.    Where do I go for my on-Grounds interview?
Unless stated otherwise, all on-Grounds interviews for positions listed in Handshake take place at Bryant Hall (the stadium). Double-check your interview information because some interviews do take place in our office, Rouss & Robertson Halls, suite 407.

13.    What is the procedure for canceling an interview?
It is a University Career Center guideline that you must give three full business days’ notice in canceling an interview. You are to contact both the employer and the University Career Center Assistant Director of Employer Relations, Laura DelPrato (by emailing and calling 434-982-1882). Failure to do so can result in a “no show” status that will end your recruitment activity in Handshake.

14.    I have been asked to attend a Super Day after an interview, but this now conflicts with a first-round interview I have. What can I do?
It is advised that students honor their prior interview commitments. However, if you have three full business days in which you can cancel your interview, you are able to cancel by contacting the employer and the career services office that published the job opening (i.e., Handshake, University Career Center [Bryant Hall] and Commerce Career Services [Rouss & Robertson Halls]).

You can also contact the first-round employer to see if they would be willing to interview (perhaps via phone or Skype) on a different day.

Another option is to contact the second-round employer offering the interview and see if there is any way you can change the interview due to prior commitments. Keep in mind that it reflects poorly on you AND our school if you miss scheduled interviews without prior notice.

15.    Does CCS provide faxing and scanning services?
Yes. CCS faxes and scans job-related documents for McIntire students.

16.    Is space available in the CCS suite for student phone interviews?
Yes. You can request to use the CCS conference room at a specific time for a phone interview. Please make sure to request this space well in advance at the CCS front desk so that we can accommodate you if the space is already in use. 

17.    Where are printers located?
Computer labs, available to McIntire students, are located on the third floor of Rouss & Robertson Halls.

18.    How do I get to the fifth floor?
The fifth floor can be accessed by the staircases located next to the Lawn entrance doors on the fourth floor, or you can take the elevator in the fourth floor lobby.

19.    Where are the nearest vending machines located? 
Beverage and food vending machines are located on the second floor of Rouss & Robertson Halls near the women’s restrooms.

20.    I'm not a McIntire student yet; can I utilize Commerce Career Services?
Unfortunately, CCS is able to meet only with current McIntire students. The University Career Center is qualified to take care of your career search needs. McIntire’s Student Services Office holds open office hours for pre-Commerce students interested in applying to the McIntire School.

21.    How do I find out about tours taking place in Rouss & Robertson Halls?
Tours are offered when classes are in session (fall/spring) Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays, usually at 1 p.m., and start in the fourth-floor lobby. These tours are offered through McIntire’s Undergraduate Admission Office, so if you have questions about a tour, please go to Rouss & Robertson Halls, Room 142, or call 434-924-3865.