Resume and Cover Letter Writing


A resume is a working document designed to get you to the next step—the interview! A resume should be updated over time and may be adjusted for each position you apply for. You may receive many different opinions regarding your resume. Though there are established guidelines for student and professional resumes​, you should include what feels best for you because you will be asked to elaborate in an interview—do not misrepresent yourself in any way.

Getting Started on Resumes
Cover Letters

A cover letter is a vital tool in marketing yourself to prospective employers:

  • An effective cover letter will draw attention to your qualifications and experiences that are most relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Employers often use letters to assess the written communication skills that you will need for any position.
  • A letter provides you the opportunity to convey to a potential employer your interest, enthusiasm, and other personal attributes that are not easily expressed in a resume alone.

Your cover letters can play an important role in helping you secure interviews through on-Grounds interviewing and your own off-Grounds search, so prepare your written job search correspondence with as much care as you used when constructing your resume.

Getting Started on Cover Letters

In addition to these resumes and cover letter writing guides, you can find samples on the CCS Portal under Popular CCS Guides.

Cover Letter and Resume Review

We recommend having your cover letter and resume reviewed by a career adviser and/or employer:

  • Visit CCS during walk-in hours.
  • Make an appointment with a career adviser by stopping in or calling the CCS front desk at 434-924-7986.
  • Attend employer resume reviews through the Employer-in-Residence Program and ask if the employer would be willing to critique your cover letter and resume.