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As one of the best-known and largest hospitality companies, Hilton manages a curated portfolio of hotel brands aimed at providing its guests with exceptional experiences. Insight about its customers is key, and data helps ensure satisfaction and retention. Similarly, data analytics helps to manage the many needs of the company’s massive workforce.

Senior Vice President of Talent, Rewards, and People Analytics Laura Fuentes (Engineering ’97) serves Hilton in many capacities: global head of learning, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, compensation, benefits, recognition, and HR analytics and strategy. Data analytics informs strategy, and is an integral part of overseeing people analytics, the data amassed from 300,000 team members across 80 countries.

Hilton works with McIntire, presenting data sets to the School and challenging M.S. in Commerce students to use the information to discover insights, tell stories, and drive action.

Fuentes, who serves as a board member of McIntire’s Center for Business Analytics, spoke with us about a recent visit to Grounds for student presentations and how she believes the experiential learning with Hilton's data can help Commerce School students throughout their careers.

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