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Hamilton in undergraduate classroom

Integrated Core Experience

The Integrated Core Experience (ICE), McIntire’s cutting-edge third-year core curriculum, is carefully constructed to provide students with the technical, analytical, strategic-thinking and behavioral skills they need to successfully tackle real-world business problems.

ICE is characterized by an intellectual and practical rigor rarely found at the undergraduate level. Over the course of the fall semester, students analyze a single business case, looking deeply at a given business’s numerous functions and the particular challenges it faces.

McIntire’s corporate ICE sponsors not only develop close and lasting relationships with McIntire faculty members and students, they also benefit from the superb analytical skills, creativity, and fresh perspectives that students bring to the complex business problems with which sponsors present them.

ICE also offers sponsor companies a powerful recruitment tool as they search for their businesses’ next generation of leaders. Watching McIntire students problem solve gives sponsors the opportunity to gauge their academic caliber, analytic skills, and work ethic, as well as their leadership abilities and personal traits. Partnering with McIntire as an ICE sponsor affords businesses access to some of the world’s most promising young businesspeople—outstanding potential employees who have gained a deep familiarity not only with the dynamics of a sponsor company, but also with the challenges and opportunities the sponsor company faces.

To learn more about becoming an ICE sponsor, please contact Corporate Relations.