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M.S. in Commerce Students

M.S. in Commerce Integrative Strategy Project

Gain new insights and get answers to your biggest business questions. Discover opportunities. Partner with UVA McIntire on the Integrative Strategy Project (ISP), and give your company more ways to succeed.

Let McIntire Lead the Way

Your company faces more challenges than ever before. And as the future of your industry is increasingly shaped by data and disruption, fresh, actionable ideas will remain your greatest asset.

Define and solve your firm’s issue with McIntire. Through the Integrative Strategy Project (ISP), you’ll collaborate with student groups and faculty who will identify megatrends, consider strategic, technological, marketing, financial, and organizational factors to create solutions that address your issue.

Working with five-member student groups for two months during the fall semester, you’ll provide details and feedback through conference calls, emails, and a one-time visit to Grounds for student presentations. You’ll receive invaluable results to inform your future business decisions.

Ready to get started?

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