M.S. Accounting students in class

Student Initiatives

Through participation in special student events and financial support of talented students, corporate partners identify future talent and build their reputation at McIntire and beyond.

Student Organization Sponsorships

Support the Women’s Business Forum’s annual golf clinic or join the Comm Council’s annual house build through Habitat for Humanity. Host a grad student etiquette dinner or an interview preparation workshop. Fund a Careers 101 Marketing or Finance seminar or participate as a speaker during new student orientation. These are just a few examples of ways to build your brand as an employer, as a company with a commitment to business education, as an entity to hundreds of McIntire students and thousands at UVA.

Student Scholarships

Investing in McIntire student scholarships allows generous corporations and foundations to establish greater brand presence at the School, and create direct links with students. Particularly in the graduate programs, scholarships are critical to McIntire’s ability to attracting the best and brightest. Although a few students can be financially indifferent and base their attendance solely on the institution’s character, most rely on scholarships to buoy their financial aid packages so they can attend McIntire.

  • John Mariner
    Corporate Partner Profile

    Major League Baseball's Jonathan Mariner (McIntire '76) and Bob Bowman talk about MLB's first year as a sponsor for McIntire's Integrated Core Experience (ICE).

  • Rolls Royce
    Corporate Partner Profile

    Mike Elliott and Mike Ryan (McIntire ’07), both of Rolls-Royce North America, discuss the long-term benefits of corporate partnership with the McIntire School of Commerce.

  • Patrick Hogan
    Corporate Partner Profile

    Retired Ernst & Young Senior Partner Pat Hogan discusses the firm’s long and multifaceted relationship with McIntire.

  • Roger Hallett
    Corporate Partner Profile

    ABB’s Roger Hallett and Bill Gibson discuss the responsibilities—and considerable benefits—of ABB's role as a corporate sponsor in the ICE program.