Centennial Videos

Watch the McIntire Centennial Celebration, which took place on April 1, 2022.

Featured Speakers

Jim Ryan
President of the University of Virginia
Nicole Thorne Jenkins
John A. Griffin Dean of the McIntire School of Commerce
Amanda Richardson and Chat Razdan
McIntire '01 (Richardson); McIntire '05 (Razdan)
Bryan Lewis
Assistant Dean for Technology & Operations
Faculty Presentation
Jeffrey Boichuk and Sherri Moore
Assistant Professor of Commerce (Boichuk); Associate Professor, General Faculty (Moore)
John Griffin
McIntire '85
Ralph De Palma
Mcintire '22
Sharma Family
McIntire '92; McIntire '99; McIntire '19
Centennial Celebration - Full Event

Watch the full cut of the Centennial Celebration featuring alumni, students, faculty, staff, deans, and president Jim Ryan.