Ahmed Abbasi

Associate Dean for Analytics Initiatives; Murray Research Professor; Professor of Commerce; Director, Center for Business Analytics; Director, M.S. in Business Analytics
Information Technology

Ahmed Abbasi
+1 434-924-7031
Ph.D., Management Information Systems, University of Arizona
M.B.A., Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech
B.S., Business Information Technology, Virginia Tech
Areas of Expertise: 
Information technology
Business analytics
Online security and fraud detection
Machine learning
Information visualization
Professional Activities: 

Professor Abbasi is Director of McIntire’s Center for Business Analytics, and teaches courses in business and web analytics in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Professor Abbasi's research interests relate to predictive analytics, with applications in online fraud and security, text mining, health, and social media. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles in top journals and conferences, including MIS Quarterly; Journal of MIS; ACM Transactions on Information Systems; IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering; and IEEE Intelligent Systems. His projects on Internet fraud and social media analytics have been funded by the National Science Foundation. He has also received the IBM Faculty Award and AWS Research Grant for his work on “big data.”

Professor Abbasi has presented his work at several national and international conferences and has won best paper awards from MIS Quarterly, the Association for Information Systems, and the Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems. He is a member of the Association for Information Systems and senior member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Professor Abbasi serves as an associate editor for ACM TMIS and IEEE Intelligent Systems. He also serves on program committees for various conferences related to computational linguistics, text analytics, and data mining. His work has been featured in several media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal; the Associated Press, and Fox News. Before joining the McIntire School, he worked as a project lead on multimillion dollar “big data” initiatives in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Arizona. He has also co-founded and/or served on the advisory board for multiple predictive analytics-related companies.

Selected Publications:

"Text Analytics to Support Sense-making in Social Media: A Language-Action Perspective," MIS Quarterly, 2018 (with Y. Zhou, S. Deng, and P. Zhang).

“Detecting Fake Websites: The Contribution of Statistical Learning Theory,” MIS Quarterly, 2010 (with Z. Zhang, D. Zimbra, H. Chen, and J. F. Nunamaker Jr.). MISQ Best Paper Award and an AIS Top Publication for 2010.

“MetaFraud: A Meta-Learning Framework for Detecting Financial Fraud,” MIS Quarterly, 2012 (with C. Albrecht, A. Vance, and J. Hansen).

“Selecting Attributes for Sentiment Classification using Feature Relation Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2011 (with S. France, Z. Zhang, and H. Chen).

“CyberGate: A Design Framework and System for Text Analysis of Computer Mediated Communication,”MIS Quarterly, 2008 (with H. Chen).

“Affect Analysis of Web Forums and Blogs using Correlation Ensembles,” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2008 (with H. Chen, S. Thoms, and T. Fu).

“Sentiment Analysis in Multiple Languages: Feature Selection for Opinion Classification in Web Forums,” ACM Transactions on Information Systems,2008 (with H. Chen and A. Salem).

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