Adam Kerpelman has been an entrepreneur, a technologist, and a marketing leader for almost 20 years. He has founded, run, or led marketing for companies in digital marketing, content creation, telehealth, legal-tech, and big data. He was an early explorer of the capacity for data-driven marketing strategy enabled by modern digital platforms and coined the phrase “marketing engineer” for the operatives focused on the practice. Kerpelman created the world’s first “transmedia” web series, was an early player in streaming video, has racked up tens of millions of views for clients and companies, and won a few hackathons and pitch competitions. In his research, he focuses on marketing, mass media, decentralized governance and collaboration, artificial intelligence, and intellectual property. He is currently a Research Fellow at The AI Responsibility Lab, where he is working on the impact of AI in mass media and the potential impact of AI misinformation in politics.