Mr. Lewis has extensive experience in the design and implementation of core business, collaborative, and emerging technologies. Prior to joining the McIntire School, Mr. Lewis served as a Company Officer and Principal for an audio visual and telecommunications design, engineering, and manufacturing company. His past experience includes large-scale network infrastructure and secure system design, deployments, and migrations, including secure distance-based learning and collaborative space design. Past projects include project management of all audiovisual, security, and telecommunications technology in several long term multimillion dollar projects at universities across the United States and Canada as a primary implementer of the Dell-connected campus.

Mr. Lewis currently serves as the Chief Information Officer and Assistant Dean for Operations/Information Technology & Innovation Area Lecturer at the McIntire School. As an administrative dean, he manages the instructional technology, IT and AV support, IT innovation, space planning, and facilities operations at the School. This role focuses on IT strategy, cybersecurity policy, and major project implementation, with a School-wide product management focus. His main areas of emphasis are implementing the School's strategic plans for a data-driven environment, improving use and efficiency of University systems, and evangelizing the use of technology to improve business processes and student outcomes.